Trading Division

Ameed Plaza always seeks for unique and high quality products from around the world. We strive to capture and instigate the best opportunity to provide our regional markets with efficient and effective merchandise. AP currently holds the exclusive distribution rights for the TORNADO-ACS (Advanced Cleaning System) by SYS-teco from Germany; Extreme Air Products from the Netherlands and WOOD'S Air Purifiers from Sweden. All our products are patented technologies under EU conformity standards and are Eco-Friendly.

Trading Tornado Cleaner

Tornado ACS

Tornado ACS is a patented eco-friendly cleaning technology, which operates with a unique and revolutionary vacuum blast method without using high-pressure-water nor chemicals. The eco-friendly cleaning equipment is the perfect alternative to conventional sand blasting machines. [...]

Trading AXP Air Purifier

Air Purifiers

Extreme Air Products and WOOD’S Air Purifiers, are a unique and patented combination of air displacement and filtration systems that are currently leading the global market. The Extreme Air-Sensation places clean air into the room at floor level, forcing the warmer air further upwards. This way there is an unnoticeable cycle created, resulting in a comfortable atmosphere and PURE quality air in the area. [...]