What is Induction And Sponsorship and what is it for?

Since AP got established in 2004, the administration has gathered a great deal of experience in the Kuwaiti market from a logistical perspective.
Our IS division is dedicated to facilitate the induction of international companies in the Kuwaiti market and sponsoring new businesses as well.
Our Induction services include the following:

  1. Legal Firm Affiliation
  2. Contracts translation & attestations
  3. Employment facility support
  4. Initial service setup (Office Rental – Mobilization – Company Registration…etc.)
  5. Legal consultancy:
    1. AP has a third-party contract with one of the leading legal firms in Kuwait, hence our partners from the global market can benefit from AP resources in order to have their business in Kuwait secured and backed up from a legal point of view.
  6. Setup Consultancy:
    1. AP IS division provides a full setup service for all AP partners, from office rentals to housing for the management team and workers if required.