What is Property Management Division and what is it for?

AP real estate division is dedicated to providing the best property management solutions. We get involved from day one insuring that (immediately guarantee) the property offers services of the highest quality to your tenants, whilst maintaining the value and insuring the return on both parties’ investments.
AP's scope of work includes all! We handle the following aspects from the startup initiation of your real estate project:

  1. Plan consultancy on operational outcome (Residential Complexes).
  2. Rental value Market study.
  3. Service offering studies.
  4. Tenant management.
  5. Contract management.li>
  6. Maintenance Team.
  7. Catering for tenants in case of contractual housing for workers or major contracting companies.
  8. Landscaping service.
  9. Cleaning (Housekeeping) service.
  10. Laundry Service.
  11. Property rules and procedures.