AP - Food & Beverage

Ameed Plaza capitalized on the growing trend and demand for organic and wholesome food products and founded Prime Cuts in 2009; a gourmet butchery and delicatessen. Products ranging from exquisite milk-fed meats to the finest cheeses coupled with the very best condiments, were carefully selected from a wide array of specialty countries.
Prime Cuts not only serviced private individuals, it also serviced hotels and restaurants. Indeed it was the only stand-alone concept of its kind in the State of Kuwait.

Salmiya, Block (6)
4th Avenue, Street (5)
Telephone: +965 2575 4758
Hotline: +965 9724 1698 4758
Fax: + 965 2575 4781
Hours Of Operation:
7 Days A Week
9:00 am – 10:00 pm
for more info please visit http://primecuts-kw.com