What is EAS-1300 Air Purifier

The Extreme Air-Sensation is the solution for smoking areas. This extremely effective air cleaning system works with a unique and patented combination of air displacement and filtration.


Never before has the air displacement technique been applied to a plug-readily utilizable machine. The machine works the following way: from the bottom of the machine, clean air is consistently blown into the smoking area. This creates a layer of clean air that fills the smoking area with clean air from the floor upwards. Although the air purifier has a very high capacity volume, you will never experience an uncomfortable draft. The added clean air forces the polluted tobacco smoke upwards, up to a level above our breathing zone. Here, the polluted air is drawn back into the machine to undergo an efficient filtering process. With the technique of air displacement, the EAS1300 distinguishes itself from current conventional air cleaning systems, which let the air mix with smoke before actually cleaning it.


The EAS1300 air purifier is being equipped with a very comprehensive filter package. The pre-filter on top of the device causes coarse dust and hair to be retained. The very effective hepa-filter is a pure air cleaner. It prevents your walls and ceilings from turning yellow or even brown. It does not only filter fine particles, but also all the tar, nicotine and soot particles from the polluted air. Further, the EAS1300 has an active carbon filter that gives fresh air. Active carbon is an excellent odor absorber that catches all the gas particles and odors from the air. Thanks to the extreme amount of active carbon in the EAS1300 air purifier, odor and penetrating stenches will no longer be a problem in your room! Tests done by the independent dutch research organization TNO have proven that exposure to pollutants decreased by 99%!


The areas in which the extreme air-sensation is installed, of course need ventilation too, in order to let oxygen into the room and get rid of moist and heat. But with this system, a minimum of external ventilation is sufficient, because the air is already cleaned in a very effective manner. This means no huge ventilators are needed, no draft is created and there is a very minimal energy use. The EAS1300 therefore is a very sustainable product, saving energy instead of wasting it!


  • No disturbing smell of smoke in the smoke area
  • The EAS 1300 uses an air displacement system that is up to 55% more effective than systems with blending techniques
  • TNO tested concept (applied scientific research)
  • Extremely large area filter capacity: dozens of kilos of carbon
  • No ventilation through blending clean and polluted air like current air cleaners (floor, wall mounted or sealing systems)


In September 2008, the former Dutch minister for health Ab Klink opened the smoking area of the Dutch press center in their parliament building Nieuwspoort in The Hague. Manager Steven Veendendaal said: “We purchased two Extreme Air Sensations. Thanks to this system no one is bothered by the smoke anymore. The VWA marked our smoke area as ‘excellent’. The smoke area now is a pleasant space, even for non-smokers.


Extreme Air Products contributes to the high-quality standard that the Hilton Hotels offer their guests worldwide. The Hilton Hotels in Amsterdam and The Hague offer smoking lounges for both staff and hotel guests. Clean air is provided in all spaces where smoking is allowed, resulting in the fact that these spaces are comfortable even for non-smokers. The Hilton Hotels are an example for the international hotel industry. The EAS1300 actively contributes to keeping up their high-quality standard.


For the psychiatric wards of the GGZ InGeest chain, we have facilitated a vast amount of smoking rooms. Typically, these settings are characterized by a very extreme use and heavy air pollution. Some of the clients at GGZ spend their whole day in the smoking rooms. That’s why it is even of greater importance to facilitate smoking rooms that keep bad odors and disturbing stenches to a minimum. The EAS1300 devices are a guaranty for pleasant smoking rooms without yellow or even brown walls and ceilings. At GGZ InGeest they understand that the EAS1300 has what it takes to turn disgusting and unpleasant smoking rooms into pleasant areas!


Extreme Air Products BV also has a lot of experience and expertise when it comes to smoking areas at governmental properties. Probably the most famous example is the Dutch Royal Palace in Amsterdam, which functions as a royal event location. During their events a lot of personnel is present, but due to security reasons is not allowed to send the smoking staff outside. The EAS1300 air purifiers are the reason that this magnificent monument is not harmed from the cigarette smoke, but stays clean and fresh.


Power supply:
Max. power usage:
Max. air capacity:
1300 m3/h
Max. size area (advice):
50 m2
Noise level:
40 – 55 dB
optional: external (full automatic) or switch with 5 levels
Item weight:
7 5 kg (without filters)
Volume (HxWxD)
2050 x 800 x 310mm
white, grey, sendzimir steel
2 years