What is EA30 Air Purifier

Stylish And Silent The air in office rooms and at home can often be worse in terms of pollution than air outside.
Fine dust particles, pollen, bacteria, viruses, (cigarette) smoke and other unpleasant odors can pollute the air heavily. This can lead to a range of problems, such as headaches, respiratory irritations or irritations of the eye. The importance of clean and healthy air should never be underestimated!

The EA30 is our newest innovation produced in Sweden! This new solid and stylish air purifier applies the innovative and patented AIH-filter-technique. This professional approach cleans the polluted air better and more effective than ever. It ensures a pleasant and healthy living, but also working environment. AIH stands for Active-Ion-Hepa and resembles a significant improvement for the HEPA-filter-technique. This improved filter still has the same high capacity, however it experiences a smaller drop in pressure, which causes the filter to work even more efficiently. The biggest advantage however, is the fact that a smaller engine can be used, resulting in significantly less sound and an energy saving air purifier.

The secret here is the improved structure of the HEPA that is now less dense due to the new AIH-concept. The air can now surpass the filter in an easier way, however catching all the pollution and thus cleaning the air even better. Due to the fact that the filter is now being electricity pre-charged, the captivated particles stay in the filter easier. This innovative technique ensures a filter effectiveness of 99,98%! The tests prove: AIH cleans the air from even the smallest particles, while at the same time employing an extremely silent and energy-efficient engine. Servicing the device will only cost you 1 minute in a period of six months and can easily be done by anyone. The EA30 air purifier is ideally suitable for smaller rooms and offices. But also at home it’s the perfect solution for living areas and sleeping rooms. It can be mounted on to the wall or be installed as a stand-alone unit. This minimalistic and stylish Swedish design is made from steel. The EA30 air purifier is a great solution for hotel rooms, medical examination rooms, (smaller) living areas and sleeping rooms.

Power supply:
Max. power usage:
3/4/10 watts
Max. air capacity:
75/150/300 m3/h
Max. room size:
60 m2
Engine speed:
3 levels
Cleaning capacity:
Sound ca.:
25 dB
wall installation / optionally pedestal available
5,5 kg
610x510x160 mm
1 year